Report Medical Abuse

You have many ways to report negligence and crimes committed by medical care providers. They are not untouchable as they want you to think they are. Regulatory agencies, medical professional organizations, and other medical universities take these matters very seriously. Reporting these things to outside agencies will ensure that there is a proper investigation.

Call the FBI Right Now

Call the FBI immediately and report it:

Call:(202) 324-3000
Submit a Tip:

Abuse at Berkeley Medical Center has already been reported with the FBI. If you know anything about abuse that has happened or is happening, call them immediately.

Report Complaints with Medical Regulatory Organizations

Joint Commission – This is an organization that monitors and regulations medical standards. They are looking for patterns of behavior. The more reports they get that are similar the deeper an investigation they will conduct.

Medical Boards – There are different medical boards to whom you can report abuse, negligence, and other conduct. The board depends on the type of medical provider. It is different for MDs, DOs, and RNs.

Contact WV RN Board to file a complaint on a nurse.

WV Board of Medicine investigates complaints against MDs and Physician’s Assistants.
See also WV Board of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) and WV Board of Medical Examiners for Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) board complaints.

Any person that treated you should be noted in your Electronic Medical Record or Electronic Health Record.

Additional information will be added as the site grows. You can look up medical licensing information and find out if a provider has had disciplinary action. Remember you can update these reports as you gain new information. Hospitals have video security systems that are backed up. (There is no video in the room.) Computer forensics can even recover intentionally deleted backups. Know you have video and it will be available for investigation no matter what they say.