I've worked with Jasmine for about four months, and I no longer suffer from the deep-boned fatigue that brought me to her. It's been a fascinating journey with Jasmine, getting to know my body and how to maintain my health in a comprehensive and holistic way. I got better in a hurry. And I plan to keep working with Jasmine in order to maintain my own well-being.

-Professional Artist & Graduate School Professor

A month ago I suffered an unbearably acute foot pain that left me unable to walk. After my first acupuncture treatment I was able to walk, with my pain level decreasing from a 9 out of 10 to a 4. Immediately following the second treatment, the pain became intermittent, a welcome change from constant agony. The following morning I woke up pain free! Jasmine is both an intuitive and highly trained healer- and I definitely recommend her.

-College Student

Jasmine is a warm, compassionate person and has always shown a genuine, heartfelt interest in my healing and well-being. As a result of Jasmine’s approach, there have been vast improvements in my original illness and I have also experienced pain relief and healing in a couple of muscular injuries. I always leave my sessions feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and pain-free!

-Professional Swim Coach

"Working with Jasmine has been absolutely amazing. She listens when I share my issues, provides insight into her approach and options, and delivers her needles with a natural sense of accuracy. I feel that I'm genuinely cared for and in the hands of a dedicated professional healer. On top of all this she's a really great person with a deep understanding of love and life."

– Project Manager, Design Studio